A simple worded rhyming poetry narrating the craving heart of a father while parting with his innocent baby girl

আপডেট: ১৩ Jul ২০২২, ১৫:০৯

Parting with Little Fairy



O Lord! I don’t know lies what, in your thought.
Nothing you share, foul or fair
I dare ask you that, you are like a despot!

You are above all, any pull of love or dearth,
Oh Master of Heaven & Earth.

I’m mere a mortal, nothing above
helpless full, to pull of my love.
Mundane need, is sheer your deed, oh Lord!
Oh gosh! You part me with my little lass, my life cord?

A simple query to thine,
as answer to little fairy from mine:
‘Baba, why are you going?
In universe, more than me
Is there anybody dear to thee?’

Her very query deafened my ear
of all noise, all voice, present and future.
What an exponential pull and unbearable pain
tormenting me every now and then.

You are Omnipotent and omniscient! I’m mere servant
What do you get, I am wretch, putting me for a test
you know well I’ll surely fail with all my best.

I’m flesh and blood incarnate, not a marionette.
If you plan to give me pain,
you could decree to make me of stone then.

In your domain, the pull is real, not a meme.
Same pang for all parent,
no option but to pay their rent.

Alas, we are all flesh and blood doll in a cage
tied with hard shackle and live in daze.
All are sure and aware of departure final
as and when the nature call.

Temporal pull of earth and final call from God’s berth,
between pull and call, we are helpless all.
Earth won’t let us go, we also do not want to do so
Though all know finally, they have to depart willy-nilly.