আপডেট: 2022-06-18 16:25:37


Who says I'm mere an effigy and elf,
having no power of myself?
Just watch, I neither botch nor cower
none I care and I dare work on my power.

I wear hat on head that’s my art
also regularly change my shirt.

My legs are bare, no shoes are there
but let me put it right, legs remain out of sight.
But don’t worry I remain on guard and wary
all day and night and scare away birds despite.

I dress and drive on my Landlord
and you must trust that I’m smart
and true to my word.

I’m an employed scarecrow pure
and on regular payroll for sure.
Neither the land, nor the crop at hand,
nothing I know and belong not to me though.

The scarecrow is a lame loner,
shoo birds with brawn, powered by owner.
New ploy, the Proprietor apply
and change the cloths as time goes by.

The owner defray little dime
and replace whole ensemble in time.
I look real in black hat and beard,
and the birds flee scared.

Birds flee in fear in vain,
though power isn’t our, only feign.
Birds are fool, gullible and fearful,
thus owners’ barn is always full.

Fair and foul weather, Scarecrow don’t dither
All he withstand and staunchly stand guard.
Scarecrows are pawn, toil dusk to dawn
Mighty Landlord! Only feign and reign hard.