Rhyming poetry in search of 'Meaning of Life' titled ' Flowing Brook and Life'.

আপডেট: ০১ সেপ্টেম্বর ২০২২, ১৩:১৮

Flowing Brook and Life


Oh flowing brook! at me have a look
bide a bit and listen to me.
I know you are busy and life is never easy
also know for sure, you are me and I’m thee.

Telling you time and again,
don’t run amok in vain, pause for a bit.
Fix your destination, also time you must mention
don’t be nit, use your wit.

En route, so much talk and walk
and efforts abysmal.
I know, all you pretend and leave at the end,
with mood dismal.

You always crave to go, that I know for sure,
for final reunion with ocean de jure.

Along the way, what you nab and grab
whatever that be, only to impress me.
All are madness and worthless more or less,
and for me, all are wrong key.

Listen to your heart, setting all apart
don’t just race in vain, putting you in pain.

You are always astir, with same desire
since time immemorial:
-When will I return home, to end my roam,
and fulfill my hope primordial?

You must believe that I just want to leave.
All you brought and what I got,
are nothing but shackle and only ail.

Please try and know my cry,
In this den, I'm in deep pain
and die to say goodbye.

In dark and light, all day and night,
I rave and crave with every bit:
- What I get, I really hate,
and don’t want to remain as slave.