In search of 'Meaning of Life' rhyming poetry 'That's Life's Way'.

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That’s Life’s Way


My little boy has flown, to a faraway land
to live his life own, as he has grown.

O Lord, You gave this ward, Heaven’s gift
You guess, memory just erase! as he left.

To a father, really a boy grow a man ever!
Son on father’s shoulder,
overweigh as he gets older!

How with the weight of mountain,
Around, no water, no fountain!
Desert don’t shiver and don’t look somber.

Oh Lord! You are my life cord! My ruler
I’m mere land and you are tiller.

What seed you sow, same plant I grow.
You are Lord, owner of all
I’m only servant, at your beck and call.

Land not grow fruit only
With it, grow attachment willy-nilly.
Harvest, you take away
but memory pester day after day.

I know you’d say, ‘that’s life’s way’.
‘You were also a son of a father.
As the time came, you also left them
to achieve your life’s aim.’

‘New day will break with new sun
and all will move as per plan’.

I’m mere pipe and you are piper
I only sing your song, my Ruler!
What you play and what tunes are they
None but you know, to you I only owe.

Life is your game pure, and ends for sure
but none comprehend, till it’s near to end.

No body know, what’s your aim though
to play this game show!
Oh crap! in your trap all will fall
All are earthly father, mortal!